What's a Product Consultation and How do I Schedule Mine?

The world of natural products is constantly growing and evolving through new innovation! No matter where you are in your journey of eco-friendly, family-safe shopping, we’re here to help.

 We're happy to offer every active Grove customer a complimentary 10-minute product consultation. Our Guides will share expert product knowledge to help you choose the very best products for your home, your wallet, and of course our planet.

Please use the scheduling tool below to find a time that will best fit your schedule!







Is a consultation right for me?

Yes! All active Grove customers are welcome to sign up for a consult. Due to scheduling constraints, we do ask that each customer reserve only one! And please note, a consultation is focused exclusively on helping our community to discover product solutions for their household.


For a concern about your package or account, please reach out to your Grove Guide at https://www.grove.co/member/home.


What is the Grove Community saying about their consultations?




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