How do I create a wishlist of products I want to buy in the future?

Great question! We do have a feature that allows you add products to a wishlist. That way you can have all your favorite products in one location to add to your cart at any time!

Here is how it works:

Once you find a product that you want to add to your wish list, you can click the heart icon at the top right corner of the product photo.



Once you click the heart, it will turn a teal color, letting you know that it has been added to "Your Saved List."

To view the items you have saved, hover your mouse over "Your Account" to the left of the cart icon and click on "Your Saved List" shown above (if on mobile click the 3 dash marks in the top left corner of your screen>Your Account>Your Lists).


Here, you will see all of the products you have saved, and can easily add them to your next order with the add to cart button!

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