All about Grove Guides

What is a Grove Guide?

Grove Guides are Grove team members, dedicated to making sure you have an amazing experience. Grove Guides are incredibly knowledgable about all the products we sell -- they can make great recommendations, answer questions, and generally be your friend on the inside at Grove!

Where are Grove Guides based?

Grove Guides are all over the country, including our San Francisco headquarters and our Portland, Maine office.

What are the most common things a Grove Guide does?

Here are some of the many things Guides do to make your Grove experience more awesome:

  • Help with any shipping issues
  • Assist with price matching
  • Answer questions about products
  • Recommend new products
  • Let you know that your order is on the way

Does it cost anything to have a Grove Guide?

Nope! We want to have a real, personal relationship with everyone in our community -- and our Grove Guides are part of our commitment to truly personal service... at no extra charge :-)

How do I get the most out of my Grove Guide?

The best way to get the most out of your Guide is to ask! The Guides know our products really well, and if you ask for suggestions, chances are good they’ll be able to recommend something that makes your home a little healthier, more beautiful, or both!

How can I get in touch with a Grove Guide?

You can email or text directly with a Grove Guide! Click here to learn more about your Grove Guide.

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