What does carbon offset mean?

Carbon offsetting is the reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to offset an emission made elsewhere.

Here's how it works: we purchase credits to fund projects that reduce pollution such as wind farms, solar installations, or energy efficiency retrofits in order to counteract our shipping emissions.  

We carbon offset every shipment at no cost to you. It's a great way for our whole community to reduce our carbon footprint!


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    Terry Hill

    John, you explain what carbon offsetting is but you do NOT explain what it means!
    There is another question that led me to this question, so let's start there, please:
    "How much does it cost to ship my recurring order?"
    & John you answered, "Consumer shipping is always just $2.99 (and is carbon offset)."
    Then I come to this question to try to understand what "carbon offset" means, like do you ship via Pony Express or stagecoach so no fossil fuels are used? & NO I am not being facetious. Do you pay someone or thing for a "Carbon Offset Credit", so you can ship to us via FedEx, UPS, & USPS to ship our products? Is that what "carbon offset" really means? Thank you sincerely in advance for your answer, Linda Hill :)

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    Donna Elliott

    I was wondering the same thing, Linda. There's no real explanation as to how Grove actually offsets in his explanation. And, no response.

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    Amber Palms

    I think this is a better explanation. Seems they "purchase" credits and that in turn helps fund companies that provide more sustainable energy like windmills, etc. (I think) http://www.carbonneutral.com/resource-hub/carbon-offsetting-explained

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    Maria Stevens

    Amber, you need to work for Grove. You answered the question and yet, the other folks here havent gotten a response yet from Grove. 😊