Gluten Free Products

All of the Acure Organics, BioBag, Bobble, Casabella, Diva Cup, Dr. Bronners, e-cloth, Earthpaste, Flint, Full Circle, Green Forest, Green N Pack, Grove Collaborative, If You Care, Method, Molly's Suds, Mrs. Meyers, Natracare, Preserve, Seventh Generation, SMART, Smarty Pants, Sustain, and Zarbee's Naturals products are gluten free.

Some brands you might want to take a closer look at before purchasing if you are looking for gluten free products are Alba Botanica, Aura Cacia, Tom's of Maine, and Yes To. Some of these products do have gluten in them, but not all!

Here is what each company has to say about their products and gluten:

Alba Botanica states: "Our vegetable-based formulations come from a variety of sources and combinations of derivatives. Therefore, we cannot specifically guarantee that any of our products are gluten-free"

Aura Cacia states: “These products do not contain gluten; we provide full ingredient disclosure on our products. However, we do process an oat and milk bath at this facility. While we do practice GMPs (Good Manufacturing Processes) to minimize the potential for cross-contamination, it is present in the facility”

Tom's of Maine states: “Aside from our liquid hand soap and body wash, which contain wheat protein, all other Tom’s of Maine products are gluten-free."

Yes To states:“A few Yes To products contain gluten and soy. Our hair conditioners contain gluten, and the Vitamin E in our lip butters is soy-derived. Please note: All items are produced in the same facility, thus we cannot guarantee them to be 100% soy and gluten-free.”

As always, make sure to read the ingredients of any products you are going to purchase to make sure there is no gluten in them just to be sure :) 


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