How much does it cost to ship my recurring order?

Consumer shipping is always just $2.99 (and is carbon offset). 

If you'd like us to ship to you for free check out our VIP program which costs just $19.99 / year after you complete a free 60-day trial of the membership. It includes unlimited free carbon offset shipping, free gifts four times per year, and lots of other perks!

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    Brittany Whiteman

    Did this recently change? I was thinking it was free shipping.

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    Mandy Burdick

    Me too. Not a big deal, but I thought the monthly shipments had free shipping.

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    Maria Stevens

    Hi there, you both must have been new customers and received vip status for the first 2 months, which was simply just free shipping for that time period. On another note, I'm wondering why questions here aren't being answered by Grove or am I just not privy to seeing theveryone responses.