Why do items automatically get added to my cart?

Great question! After your first shipment, the items you ordered will automatically be added to your product subscriptions. After each order, the items in your product subscriptions will auto-generate into your shopping cart at a frequency of your choosing. In other words, your subscriptions are the products you want to receive on a recurring basis, and your cart is what is coming in your next shipment.

For example, you may need dish soap every month, but laundry detergent every 3 months. You can go to www.grove.co/pantry/subscriptions to change the frequency each individual product will be sent to you.

Keep in mind, if there are any products in your shopping cart before those changes are made then the items in your cart will still ship out. Always be sure to double-check the items in your pantry (www.grove.co/pantry) when you receive your two reminder emails! You can get the same items every time, or change it up each time you order.

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